1. Register as Members

  1. Free registration sign up here, no fee applicable.
  2. Provide Company SSM no.
  3. Convenient self-access to stock availability and prices
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  5. Flexible return policy

2. There are two types of account registrations.

  1. AGENT/RESELLER: For agents or retail outlets who purchase our products for the purpose of re-selling to their clients.
  2. CORPORATE USER/END USER: For members who buy our products for own self/ own company use.

3. How to reserve our product

  1. Yes, you may reserve any of our products up to 3 business days. Should another party express interest on the same product within this period, you will be contacted with priority to purchase the item or to have a cancellation.
  2. Find product that you want to purchase select quantity add to cart
  3.  Select payment method Purchase Order [PO] / Bank transfer

4. How to place order

  1. Once you have reserved order please provide us by email your Purchase Order [PO]  to wholesales@mhglobal.com
  2. Our Sales representative will process your order